International Intellectual Group, Inc.

is a world leader in modeling of the diffraction gratings efficiency for spectroscopy, astronomy, telecommunications, photolithography, and nanotechnology.


Our company has a wealth of experience in diffraction efficiency modeling of various types of relief and phase gratings. The most important outcome of our 30 years’ work was the advent of PCGrate®, a modeling tool for analysis and optimization of the absolute diffraction gratings efficiency by an accurate boundary integral equation method. Development of such sophisticated software became possible as a result of the multidisciplinary collaboration between many experts in the domains of theoretical physics, applied mathematics, and computer science.

All that time our team has been working in collaboration with world-leading manufactures of ruled and holographic diffraction gratings, as well as with governmental laboratories and private companies. At the outset we started to work with mainframes, but during last 30 years we have developed and used personal computing tools. The PCGrate (earlier known as ProGrate and PC Grate) team was the first to create commercially available, PC-oriented software for exact analysis and optimization of the efficiency of relief and phase gratings. In 1989 the first PCGrate worked well enough under DOS on a PC/AT (or even XT!) with only 640 KB of RAM. Early commercial versions of our programs were sold in 1990. Since that time the capacity of computer hardware has increased several thousand times, along with the development of optical instrumentation and computational techniques. Today optical engineers and scientists all over the world make use of PCGrate®-S(X)™ codes as a research tool to simulate spectroscopic and micro/nano- electronic & photonic systems.

Furthermore, in the recent years we have been working intensively on developing software for approximate and non-approximate solutions of some NP-complete problems (or “Hard-to-solve” problems) based on our own cybernetic approach (Applications No. 09/006,367 and No. 10/438,305, U.S. Patent No. 6,636,840 B11). They are as follows: Hamiltonian Cycle, the Traveling Salesman Problem, and several others. You can find some additional information about our recent developments in discrete mathematics at this web-site.


We have successfully been selling the PCGrate for DOS, Windows 16-bit and Windows 32/64-bit all over the world for about 30 years. Since their commercial debut, we have sold about 500 packages to recognized governmental and military laboratories, private companies, universities and research centers. Our software is rather costly, but we believe it meets the diverse requirements imposed on diffraction gratings. People who deal with either diffraction gratings or grating-based devices and make wide use of the PCGrate software agree that the program is indispensable for the above-mentioned computations.

At first, we distributed PCGrate programs via Optometrics Corp. (versions for DOS and earliest versions for Windows 16-bit) and later on, by way of a Russian company (more recent 16-bit versions for Windows). Since 1996 we have sold our versions for Windows 32-bit (PCGrate 2000 Series) and subsequent 16-bit versions through our US-located company International Intellectual Group, Inc. (I.I.G., Inc). This company was founded by scientists and programmers for development and sale of specialized scientific software.

In 2003 I.I.G., Inc. signed an exclusive agreement with the famous optical and physical software distributor Vanguard Information Co., Ltd., for the promotion and sale of the PCGrate series in Taiwan. Vanguard Information Co., Ltd. aggressively promotes and sells EDA tools (e.g. Telecommunications and Photonics) in Taiwan. This is the third distribution agreement in the history of PCGrate sales. We are planning for further penetration to Pacific Rim market of science and technology.

In 2016 I.I.G., Inc. signed an exclusive agreement with the famous optical software distributor Gholographic Company, headquartered in India, to promote PCGrate codes in India.

In 2020 I.I.G., Inc. signed an exclusive agreement with the famous optical software distributor Wuhan Asdoptics Science and Technology Co., Ltd., located in China, to distribute the software products (PCGrate-S(X) Series) in People’s Republic of China.


Our specialists live in Russia, United States, Canada, and Germany. We implement a true international cooperation, regularly perform distributed project development via the internet, and partly place our R&D orders in well-established companies. We are open to any questions or proposals pertaining to related scientific research and software development. Our experts take active part in various international conferences/projects and publish many articles in prestigious scientific journals. You can feel free to address specific questions to us by e-mail using our feedback line and the questions will be passed along to our specialists immediately.

The prime object of our activity is to bridge the gap between theory and experiment for all types of gratings, and to provide researchers with more versatile tools and methods for increasing performance of the next generation of photonics devices. That also becomes possible owing to our collaborators from:


NRL Space Science Division.

Richardson Gratings of Newport Corp.

Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory.

You can find more about this at our Efficiency TestLab.