Paper is published in Technical Physics Letters

Paper is published in Journal of Technical Physics Letters
Detecting Quasi-Periodic {11n} (n = 7-11) Faces in Samples with Ge/Si Quantum Dots by Grazing X-ray Reflectometry
L. I. Goray, N. I. Chkhalo, and Yu. A. Vainer
Highresolution grazing Xray reflectometry is used to obtain experimental and theoretical data on the intensity of specular and diffuse reflection from self-organized structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy with single-layer (non-overgrown) and multilayer (overgrown) Ge/Si quantum dots (QDs). Using the positions of diffuse scattering peaks in the direct space, the slopes of quasi-periodic faces have been determined to within В±0.1Вє by a method employed previously for the investigation of In(Ga)As/GaAs quantum dots. Finding the quasiperiodic {11n} (n = 7-11) faces (typical of the growth of ordered QDs) in the samples with disordered Ge/Si quantum dots is evidence of the generality of mechanisms of QD formation in different systems. DOI: 10.1134/S1063785010020057.
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