Discounts are announced for new PCGrate-S v.6.5 software

Discounts are announced for new PCGrate-S v.6.5 32/64-bit series software  
The prices of all the types of software from the last PCGrate-S v.6.5 series are cut down by 20%. The price of updated from 14 November PCGrate-S XML-type software is 3,199 Euros ($4,159), GUI-type – 4,299 Euros ($5,589), and Complete-type – 6,499 Euros ($8,449). We allow additional discounts for earlier and permanent Customers.  
This version enables the calculations both multilayer resonance and small wavelength-to-period ratio cases at very high speed using two independent solvers based on the modified boundary integral equation method, i.e. Penetrating and Separating. The solvers have different behavior and mutually complementary capabilities for many difficult cases such as deep & shallow gratings & rough mirrors with very thin layers, grazing incidence, x-rays, and photonic crystals.  
PCGrate®-S v.6.5 32/64-bit series have three types: GUI, XML, and Complete. PCGrate®-S v.6.5 series codes have the minimal value of the wavelength-to-period ratio lambda/d of 0.02 and the maximal number of layers of the grating surface multilayer material of 20. The PCGrate-S v. 6.5 XML and PCGrate-S v.6.5 Complete types make it possible to calculate the grating efficiency from the command line with input/output data in XML format. В The PCGrate-S v.6.5 GUI and PCGrate-S v.6.5 Complete types make it possible to obtain the calculated data using the Graphical User Interface and work with the results including saving, coping, exporting, plotting, printing, etc. The type is determined by the HASP® HL USB key, which is shipped with the product.  
Click here to download updated PCGrate DEMO v.6.5 Complete.