Paper is published in Journal of Physics C

Paper is published in Journal of Physics C
Development of near atomically perfect diffraction gratings for EUV and soft x-rays with very high efficiency and resolving power
D. L. Voronov, E. H. Anderson, R. Cambie, L. I. Goray, P. Gawlitza, E. M.Gullikson, F. Salmassi, T. Warwick, V. V. Yashchuk, H. A. Padmore
Multilayer-coated Blazed Gratings (MBG) can offer high diffraction efficiency in a very high diffraction order and are therefore of great interest for high-resolution EUV and soft x-ray spectroscopy techniques such as Resonance Inelastic X-ray Scattering. However, realization of the MBG concept requires nano-scale precision in fabrication of a saw-tooth substrate with atomically smooth facets, and reproduction of the blazed groove profile in the course of conformal growth of a multilayer coating. We report on recent progress achieved in the development, fabrication, and characterization of ultra-dense MBGs for EUV and soft x-rays. As a result of thorough optimization of all steps of the fabrication process, an absolute diffraction efficiency as high as 44% and 12.7% was achieved for a 5250 l/mm grating in the EUV and soft x-ray regions respectively. This work now shows a direct route to achieving high diffraction efficiency in high order at wavelengths throughout the soft x-ray energy range with revolutionary applications in synchrotron science.
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