Any upgrade from PCGrate®-S(X) v.6.2-6.4 to newest PCGrate-S(X) v.6.6 with discounts and/or with a v.6.2-6.4 key retention

Any upgrade from PCGrate®-S(X) v.6.26.4 to newest PCGrate-S(X) v.6.6 with discounts or/and a v.6.2-6.4 key retention
The large upgrade program is announced for an upgrade from any PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.2, v. 6.3 or v. 6.4 software to any code from newest PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.6: (1) with big discounts (up to 40%) or (2) with a 10% discount and v. 6.2-6.4 key retention including free one-year techsupport.
The prices for such an upgrade, e.g., are: from PCGrate-S v. 6.2-6.4 XML to PCGrate-S v.6.6 XML – 2,799.2 Euros ($3,219.1); from S v. 6.2-6.4 GUI to S v.6.6 GUI – 3,749.3 Euros ($4,311.6); from S v. 6.2-6.4 Complete to S v. 6.6 Complete – 4,899.3 Euros ($5,634.2); from PCGrate-SX v. 6.2-6.4 to PCGrate-SX v. 6.6 XML – 6,999.3 Euros ($8,049.2); from SX v. 6.2-6.4 GUI to SX v.6.6 GUI – 9,749.4 Euros ($11,211.8); from SX v. 6.2-6.4 Complete to SX v.6.6 Complete – 11,999.4 Euros ($13,799.3).
Another possibility for the upgrade is to buy PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.6 with a 10% discount such that you will receive a v.6.6 USB key and your current vv. 6.2-6.4 key is retained for use with PCGrate-S(X) vv. 6.2-6.4. Technical support of all versions (old and new ones) is included for one year to any upgrade of PCGrate-S(X) v. 6.2-6.4.
Click here to download PCGrate DEMO v.6.6 Complete.