PCGrate-S(X) release 6.7 32/64-bit with 2D scanning & 3D plots is available

PCGrate-S(X) release 6.7 32/64-bit is available
PCGrate®-S(X) v. 6.7 32/64-bit software with many adds and improvements is available for a release as from March 18, 2019. PCGrate®-S(X) v.6.7 32/64-bit software has many adds and improvements in comparison with v. 6.6. In v. 6.7 the logic of scanning over different parameters was divided into two branches. First branch, which is 1D scanning is direct analogy of scanning functionality of previous versions, it allows only independent scanning over one parameter. The new feature 2D scannings second branch was added to this version. 2D scannings allow user to vary two parameters together in order to solve grating efficiency tasks. In version 6.7, the 3D Plots were added to better represent the results of 2D scannings mode solutions. The 3D Plots include same functionality as 2D plots for 1D scannings with some enhancements, such as meshes over the plotted surfaces with variable nodes’ density.
A lot of minor changes were implemented both in the code and the documentation.
Important: input and output data formats (grt- and pcg- types) were changed !
Click here to download PCGrate DEMO v.6.7 Complete.